China might be labeled as the world’s supermarket in the eyes of some, but they do come up with some pretty interesting devices from time to time, although it more often than not appears to be to the chagrin of some other companies where intellectual property is concerned. Well, it did not take far too long after the authentication chip inside Apple’s Lightning connectors had been cracked for knock-off cables for to appear in the market. What you see above is actually a Chinese knock-off that cost just $3.50 to purchase – while Apple charges $19 for one of these puppies, going to show just the kind of profit margin that Cupertino makes.

It goes without saying that these knock-offs are not 100% guaranteed to run, which is always a risk when it comes to such accessories, although we are quite sure that most folks do not mind taking the chance. So far, folks who have placed an order for it and received it claimed that it worked just fine without any hitches, although there is some noise to contend with in the connection itself because of the non-existent shielding.

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