The Lytro camera, which packs a entirely new category of camera sensor, is gaining significant features–even if you’ve already bought one. Previously, the light field camera was deceptively simple: your only option was where to point the device. Now, you can control both ISO and shutter speed–options that multiply the photographic¬†possibilities. Of course, there was an ISO setting and shutter speed for every Lytro photo taken before, but now the photographer has manual control over both settings. The manual controls, in addition with a newly-added exposure lock, allow for some really cool low-light use cases.

Lytro cameras were re-launched widely (to retailers and Amazon) today, and all new cameras will have the updated firmware with manual controls pre-installed. The 8GB model costs $399 and the 16GB model will run for $499. That might seem a lot for a toy camera, but this is the future of photography. Current Lytro owners can download the updated firmware here.

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