Gamers do take their hobby very seriously, never mind the fact that some of them are more casual gamers than anything else. Of course, if all you do is click on some jewels to shift them around in order to clear a level, then you won’t really need souped up hardware of any kind, where an ordinary office mouse and keyboard will do. However,when things start to get real serious, then you might want to call upon the calvary, such as the likes of the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 Professional Gaming Keyboard.

Sporting a modular design as well as OLED command module, the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 Professional Gaming Keyboard is said to be able to enhance your competitive gaming experience. Basically, you are able to rearrange the configuration of the keyboard modules in order to better suit your preferred style of play, while dedicated buttons are thrown into the mix for macro commands and media controls.

The keyboard itself relies on the special E.Y.E. OLED Command Module as its “brains”, letting you make adjustments to multiple aspects of your gaming environment ranging from speaker/microphone volume to backlighting brightness, multiple Respawn Timers and a game, website and application launcher.

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