While games like Diablo and Torchlight are fun in their own right and in a clickfest kind of way, we guess after a while it does get somewhat repetitive and boring. Runic Games’ Max Schaefer in an interview with Indie Game Magazine Radio revealed that he hopes to introduce changes to the company’s latest game, Torchlight 2, and make the game more dynamic as opposed to just killing monsters and looting them and moving on. While this is in no way a confirmation of the upcoming features, Schaefer revealed that he would like to see creation tools being introduced to the game.

“What I’d like to see personally is to get the building and resource aspects of Minecraft and put them into an ARPG, just so it’s a little more than just wandering from one monster to the next and hitting them.”

“Your character has permanence [in Torchlight 2], but you don’t have anything like property or anything that you’ve built right now in our game that lead to any sense of permanence. So I’d like to explore that a little bit.”

Like we said, this was merely his opinion and it does not mean that we will see it made a reality, but what do you guys think? Games like Skyrim and the DLC, Hearthfire, introduced the building of homes which we guess could be thought of as a sense of permanence, but how do you think it would play to action-RPGs like Torchlight? Yay or nay?

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