Wi-FiYou know what they say – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the modern day where Wi-Fi networks are just about anywhere and everywhere, there will always be some smart aleck out there who cannot resist the temptation of hacking into a Wi-Fi network just because he or she can. If your neighbor is far more tech savvy than you and has been stealing your Wi-Fi all this while, here is one way of preventing that from happening – get a new set of wallpaper for your home.

A new what?! Yes sir, a new set of wallpaper from French researchers, who have called it Metapaper. Metapaper basically blocks Wi-Fi signals from escaping the home, which not only beautifies your abode, but it also increases the amount of wireless security. While blocking Wi-Fi signals, it will still enable TV and radio waves to pass through. Expect Finnish company Alstrom to distribute Metapaper from 2013 onwards. For those who are paranoid androids, Metapaper is the way to go, although we do hope that they have got some nifty designs to appeal to the masses. Alternatively, you can always use a wired connection and turn off Wi-Fi, but where’s the fun in that?

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