A company is only as good as the kind of promises that it keeps, and Microsoft knows it. This is why when they did vow for their very own Touch Mouse to receive Windows 8 support, and not only down the road but in time for the operating system’s release date, there must have been at least some pressure in the software and driver department at Redmond, Washington, to cough something up in due time. Having said that, the Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 is up and running with under a week from its deadline.

Basically, Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 will empower the Microsoft Touch Mouse to let folks who do not use a computing machine that has no touchscreen display to enjoy the wonders of multi-touch swipes where doing so will bring up Windows 8’s Charm bar, in addition to switching between active apps as well as invoke Semantic Zoom. At least you need not purchase a Microsoft Surface tablet to experience such refinements in the operating system, and the missus will have another $500 more to spend on toys this Christmas.

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