Microsoft Surface phone tracked down, resides on Redmond campusNo, Juggernaut Alpha is not some sort of weird X-Men villain that has been endowed with even more powers, but rather, it is the codename for a mysterious smartphone which could very well be Microsoft’s very own Windows Phone 8-powered device. Heck, some people even went out on a limb to claim that this Windows Phone 8 device will carry the Microsoft Surface name, branching out from the tablet market. In fact, a developer’s logs dated October 13th carried sensitive geographical information that placed this mystery device squarely in Studio H which incidentally, is located on Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

To make the entire story juicier, Studio H is the very same location where the Windows Phone Design Team congregates and work each day. We did catch Juggernaut Alpha in benchmarks earlier this year, and those figures should have improved by now assuming work has continued on the device until today. A Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8 handset does seem to sound plausible, after all, didn’t Apple have a 5-years-and-counting worldwide hit with their iPhone when a phone is most probably the last thing most folks would have expected Apple to deliver?

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