Cheating has always been around and can be expected from students. Students have come up with various and rather ingenious ways of cheating, although given that technology these days are so advanced, the cheating methods unsurprisingly have caught up too. It seems that students in Bangladesh have recently been discovered cheating by receiving answers on their mobile phones which have been disguised as digital wrist watches.

These watches are custom made in China and how these people got the answers to the exam questions early was by bribing teachers and/or education officials. Students were reported to have paid $1,438 for the answers which seems like a steep price, although it might be cheaper than repeating the entire semester. The police have also arrested 10 masterminds behind this operation. At the moment mobile phones are prohibited from being brought into exam halls, but given this recent discovery, perhaps digital watches will be banned alongside mobile phones from the exam hall in the future as well.

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