They say that money makes the world go round, but so too, does it have enough kinetic energy within to help promote your Facebook posts – at least for those living in the US. The Promoted Posts feature has arrived Stateside, where it will cost you $7 per post which Facebook hopes will be able to help the social networking giant earn some side income along the way (economy of scale and all that), where promoting your posts should come in handy if you are going to throw a garage sales, hold a party, share your wedding photos or make any other important announcements.

Promoted Posts has seen action in 20 other countries to date, and will target the market where one has fewer than 5,000 total friends and subscribers. Does this mean a new age of Facebook posts will rise, where one with more money in their pockets than the rest will have more eyeballs look at the promoted posts? At the end of the day, it remains to be seen what Facebook’s ultimate objective for Promoted Posts will be – to make money, or make Facebook a more fun place to be?

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