Georgia-based inventor Andy Keel has come up with the Motocross Board that you can see above, and this is definitely a whole lot cooler than a skateboard in terms of looks, making it feel as though the Motocross Board hailed from the future. Of course, it will travel in a similar manner as that of balancing a motorcycle, although one of its main advantages would be its weight. Being a whole lot lighter at approximately 50 pounds, they are easier to zip around in, and presumably one can make the conjecture that it sips a whole lot less fuel, too. Perhaps the military might be interested in the Motocross Board as a method of quick transportation for their infantry across different kinds of terrain.

Still, we keep our fingers crossed that a hoverboard as seen in the Back to the Future series will eventually be invented. Those are the ultimate in my book when it comes to getting from point A to point B within a reasonable distance at the shortest time possible.

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