In June this year, we did mention that the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game will come with paid DLCs (downloadable content) in the future, and after waiting patiently for a few months, here we are with confirmation of the US release date for the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush DLC which has been set at October 4th, 2012, following the release of the very same DLC across the pond today. It is just slightly more than a day and a half left for you to wait if you happen to reside Stateside, and this would also mark the presence of the first add-on known as the Gold Rush Pack.

In this Gold Rush DLC, you will be tasked with collecting upto 30,000 coins (I guess the economy in Mario’s world is a whole lot healthier than what we have here globally at the moment), while the second, Coin Challenge Pack A, will see gamers duke it out in order to achieve a new high score among themselves. There is a third pack as well – the Nerve-Wrack Pack which has been billed as the game’s “toughest challenge yet” where the difficulty has been given a shot of steroids. Expect to fork out $2.50 a pop for folks living in the US.

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