It seems that the long wait is over, as the official update to the new Xbox 360 dashboard is now available to Xbox LIVE subscribers worldwide. In order to make sure that this particular release is as stable as possible, Microsoft will employ a gradual deployment across subscribers and regions throughout the whole of next week. It is said that the first deployment phase will have a reach of around three million consoles around the globe, while additional users will be updated over the course of a fortnight. Having said that, what Microsoft is trying to tell you is simple: Just be patient with us, all you need to do is check back in frequently if your eyeballs are not greeted by an immediate update. Hmmm, this is starting to sound like one of those Android operating system updates…

The latest Xbox 360 dashboard update will see a refreshed user interface, where the layout now can hold more tiles than ever before, sporting a combined TV & Movies channel and for folks living in the US, it would be a Sports destination. Not only that, there is also Internet Explorer for Xbox that lets you search for and view Internet content – and you can do so right on the spot in the comfort of your living room which chances are, would also boast of the biggest screen in the home. Have you received the new Xbox 360 update yet, and how do you find it? There definitely is no room for nostalgia here.

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