A smart car supposedly comes with its fair share of features that make driving a whole lot more safer and easier for the driver, but how about having one that is so smart, it might actually make you a healthier person as you drive? Before you knock this right out of the park as being incredulous, hear me out. Researchers over at the University of Southern California’s Body Computing Conference recently paraded Nigel, a Mini Cooper that comes with a slew of sensors – all 230 of them, where these sensors will monitor the driver’s health as well as that of the car.

Not only does a list of statistics and data concerning Nigel is stored for review, but that of its driver is as well, with the ultimate aim of creating a vehicle that has character and personality, relying on “storytelling” to motivate the driver to change his or her health habits – not to mention driving habits, too. Hmmm, a modern day Herbie in the pipeline, perhaps? This would definitely make Nigel an interesting ride to be in, although we do wonder whether there is a “shut up” feature when all you want is some peace and quiet in the cabin as you floor the accelerator to head home.

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