Nike teamed up with Apple in the past, where one was able to run with a pair of Nike shoes (obviously) while listening to their iPods, and there will be a program that keeps track of your fitness progress along the way. Nike has decided to try something slightly different now, with the Nike+Kinect Training physical fitness training program which will play nice on the Xbox 360 console.

The $50 Nike+ Kinect Training boasts of an interactive program which has been specially tailored to the users’ ability and fitness goals. Nike claims that the Kinect Training will not be the same as other physical fitness/activity programs, considering how Microsoft is already selling approximately 20 others for the Xbox 360, simply because this time around, it involves the user on a whole new level. Described as “a service tied to an ecosystem”, we cannot wait to see just how the entire exercise (pardon the pun, as well as the one coming your way) will pan out in the long run. I say if you want to get fit, mixing it up with video games might not be the best idea – just pound the pavement or the treadmill in a proper gym and the benefits would be more.

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