Photographs taken from different perspectives and angles can sometimes turn an otherwise ordinary shot into a rather interesting one. Nikon seems to think so too and in a recent patent discovered, it seems like Nikon might be interested in a camera that you can toss in the air which will allow the camera to take photos from above. This is achieved via built-in velocity and accelerometer sensors that are able to detect when the camera is in the air which will then allow it to snap photos.

However we can only assume that the tossing of cameras in the air might not appeal to some as we’re sure many wonder about the fate of the camera should the photographer fail to catch it. Nikon has a solution for that, which is to make the camera “impact resistant” and will use a collapsible lens system in order to protect it. It sounds like a pretty interesting idea, but we can’t help but think it’s a rather novel one. After all it seems unlikely that the masses are demanding for a camera that can be tossed in the air, right? What do you guys think? Would you guys be interested in a camera like this?

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