I guess Microsoft is not going to wade into the entire 7” tablet debate, as the Washington-based company’s Windows Group CFO, Tami Reller, shared in an interview with Nate Lanxon of Wired UK, touting that Microsoft as well as their hardware partners are currently focusing intensely on the 10″ tablet market. When pressed further as to whether that would translate to inaction for 7″ Windows-powered tablets, Reller replied with something that might just break some hearts – “Correct.”

No idea on whether this particular statement covers both the Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, but it does seem to point in that particular direction. Some folks figured out that the 7” segment should not be ignored in the world of tablets, and to have a 7” Windows RT tablet does make plenty of sense. After all, a smaller display and cheaper price point would be ideal for Windows RT’s performance, especially where casual web browsing, doing a spot of e-book reading here and there, listening to music, and enjoying a fair bit of gaming from time to time does seem to hit the spot for some.

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