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OmniVision OV8835 8-megapixel image sensor

omnibsi2If you figure out that your 8-megapixel camera on your smartphone could perform even better, you are correct – too bad that assumption will only come true in the future should phone manufacturers fall upon the OmniVision OV8835 8-megapixel image sensor to be included in their upcoming offerings. Constructed on improved OmniBSI-2 pixel architecture, the OmniVision OV8835 8-megapixel image sensor will allow one to capture full resolution 8-megapixel photography at 30 FPS and shoot 1080p/30 HD video with electronic image stabilization.

Since it delivers pin-to-pin compatibility with the previous generation OV8830 image sensor, it should be a simple matter of incorporating these new image sensors into the same circuit board that carry the OV8830 image sensor. It is said that the latest offering delivers a 20% improvement in low-light performance and a 25% improvement in full-well capacity. We can’t wait to see the performance of this new image sensor in upcoming smartphones. Volume production of the OmniVision OV8835 8-megapixel image sensor is expected to begin sometime before the year is over, so the earliest you will see it in action would be in 2013.

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