Opera has launched the beta of its browser’s version 12.10. Opera 12.10 has been launched for all the major platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. While it packs a number of new features for the common users, the company tells us that the highlight of the browser is a far more developer-friendly API than the earlier versions of the browser.

The new browser furnishes three chief APIs, namely context menu API, screenshot API and resource loader API. The screenshot API allows developers to build apps which enable the users to share screenshots from their Opera browser.

Resource loader API, on the other hand, permits the opening of CSS or JavaScript in an Opera extension file. This can allow a fairly large space for the developers to shape their apps, especially by using advanced JavaScript.

Opera also states that it had added support for a number of new web standards in the new version. The compatibility with newer standards allows the developers to tweak and customize the  presentation of their content. You can download Opera 12.10 from the official website.

The company promises that it would be launching a version of the Opera browser for the Windows 8 machines. We are fairly sure that the release may be timed to be fairly close to the actual launch of Windows 8 in the last week of this month.

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