To say that live would become a whole lot harder without cloud services like Google Docs is an understatement, especially for folks who right now organize their entire document and work collection on the cloud itself. How about taking this idea and merging it with something more traditional? The University of Tokyo saw the Naemura Group work on what is literally paper computing technology, where it can automatically erase, copy and print hand-drawn sketches on paper automatically. Of course, a whole lot of hardware is involved as you can see in the video above, where the system relies on a camera and computer, using a laser and UV light so that one can work directly with the hand-drawn sketches using the computer.

Someone from the research and development team described it this way, “This is one technology for truly turning ordinary paper into a display. Until now, it’s been possible to project things onto paper and use it as a screen, or import things drawn on paper to PC by using a digital pen. But the first method uses light, so the results can only be seen in the dark, and with the second method, even if you can import things, you can’t access them on paper from the computer.”

Computing on paper, now this is an idea that might just stick. Artists should want to explore the inner workings of this system if they want to expand their artistic horizons.

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