Philips introduces iPhone and iPad-controlled LED home lighting system

Dutch multinational electronics company, Philips, is introducing a new LED home lighting system that will enable users to control light wirelessly through an app for smartphones or tablets. Philips hue, as it is called, features pre-programmed lighting settings that are based on Philips’ research surrounding the biological effects of light on the body. So how does it work? Basically, Philips hue has a starter pack that includes three bulbs, a bridge that can be plugged into a Wi-Fi router, and an app that can be downloaded into your iPhone or iPad.

The app will allow users to save their favorite light themes for each room, use any photo on their phone as a color palette, create ambience or complement room decorations, monitor lights remotely, and set program timers to help them with their daily schedule. Philips hue will be available exclusively on Apple Stores beginning October 30 for the price of $199. There’s also an individual pack which is actually an extension to the introduction pack. Philips says that users can connect up to 50 bulbs into the bridge. You can learn more about Philips hue here.

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