Polycom New Solutions: RealPresence CloudAxis, New User Interface, RealPresence Desktop 2.0, Virtual Edge Executive Desktop

Updated Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 software with a completely redesigned UI

Today, Polycom released a number of new video conferencing solutions and updates to its RealPresence platform, including RealPresence CloudAxis, a new user interface, RealPresence Desktop 2.0, RealPresence Mobile 2.0, VirtualEdge Executive Desktop (ultra-slim 27” PC display- photo in the full article). Enhancements of the RealPresence Platform include 3x HD video capacity via SVC (open standards-based video codec), and new RealPresence Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition.

Read the complete article for more details on each new product.

Polycom is a leader in open standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions for voice and video collaboration, and with its RealPresence Platform, a software infrastructure and rich APIs that interoperate with a large number of applications, Polycom delivers enterprise-grade video conferencing. We started to publish in October 2011 about the RealPresence Platform, when Polycom integrated tablets and smartphones to its video collaboration solution.

RealPresence CloudAXIS enables interoperability with other video calling applications such as Skype and GoogleTalk

RealPresence CloudAxis
is a suite of software that runs on the RealPresence Platform and lets Polycom customers to engage in video conferencing with users of Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and other business video apps via a browser.

RealPresence Desktop 2.0, RealPresence Mobile 2.0, and Polycom UX, new user interface: Polycom has totally redesigned its user interface to add drop-down menus, smart menus that remember the last contact and a simplified new remote control.

Polycom Smartpairing built-in RealPresence Mobile 2.0

The new Smartpairing software, built-in RealPresence Mobile 2.0, wirelessly connects iPads to various Polycom products to control video meeting from the tablet. Video calls can be transferred to the big screen just wit a swipe on the iPad. Polycom delivers HD video quality (up to 1080p60 resolution), enhanced audio quality with Polycom ConstantClarity technology and now, it will include NoiseCancel technology, a feature that will automatically eliminate the keyboard typing sound from the transmitted conversation. See part of the new UI in the photo, we have not tried it.

3X HD Video Capacity via Open Standards-based SVC, and new Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition: the platform now supports the industry’s first implementation of open standards-based Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology, which delivers 3x HD multi-point capacity. The new RealPresence Collaboration Server 800s, Virtual Edition, introduced today, delivers virtualized video collaboration from the datacenter and supports SVC.

Group 300-500: Group 300 features HD video quality and Polycom’s HD audio technology, including Polycom ConstantClarity technology

New RealPresence Group Series, new ultra-slim RealPresence VisualEdge Executive Desktop: Polycom introduced the Group Series (300, 500 and 700), the next-generation HD video collaboration systems. The Polycom RealPresence VisualEdge is an ultra-slim (less than an inch thick) 27” PC display that delivers HD video resolution (up to 1080p60), picture above.

Polycom VisualEdge Executive Desktop – 27″ PC display

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