Is it just me, or has the world of computer gaming peripherals gotten too commercialized? Here we are with Razer announcing the introduction of their Razer Surfaces 2013/2014 collection, which will comprise of a quartet of all-new mouse mats. The four would be the Razer Invicta, Razer Manticor, Razer Destructor 2 and Razer Megasoma 2, and all of them were specially engineered with new construction methods in order to deliver an unprecedented level of finish, followed by treatment with an all-new performance-boosting sensor-reactive surface coatings. You can be sure that there is a gaming mousepad for everyone and their own quirky gaming styles.

These Razer surfaces have been optimized for optical, laser and dual-sensor mouse tracking performance, where robot arms that never tire will move mice across the mats, monitoring the devices to make sure that the surface textures are able to meet and exceed Razer’s strict requirements for precise glide and control. Why not head on to the press release and read more about all four in greater detail? [Press Release]

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