Nursing homes routinely admit elderly to take care of them. While the staff of most nursing homes is quite diligent in attending to the needs of its residents, there are times when the staff is unable to hear the plight of a resident in real-time. For instance, if a patient trips on the carpet and falls, he may be unable to reach out for help and in the meanwhile, a lot of precious time is lost before the staff gets to know about it.

Researchers now intend to resolve this problem with the help of a ‘magic carpet.’ The ‘magic carpet’ is a technology that makes use of optical fibers under the carpet with the help of which, a carpet is able to ‘detect’ when a person falls. This way, the staff is promptly informed about the incident.

The optical fibers are installed in a grid-like position under the carpet. They are then able to sense the movement as well as pressure applied to the surface of the carpet. Whenever there is an usually high pressure, these sensors trigger an alarm since this would indicate a likelihood of a fall.

The best part about this technology is that it doesn’t require any special kind of carpets. The optical fibers could be installed under just any carpet and that can help the researchers keep the overall costs of the gear down.

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