While Apple’s iPhone might be considered to be an iconic piece of technology in today’s pop culture, recently released figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has revealed that sales of Android devices have grown, while sales of the iPhone have actually declined in Australia at least. Granted the data used only took into account over a week’s worth of iPhone 5 sales, it did show a pretty impressive move for Android from 53%, jumping to a whopping 67.1%, while iPhone sales have dropped to 23.2% versus 27.9% previously. Interestingly the figures also revealed that other platforms, like Microsoft’s Windows Phone have increased by 1% although there is a chance those numbers could increase with the release of Windows Phone 8, while RIM’s sales have dropped from 2.1% to a very small 0.6%. Perhaps RIM could do better in Australia next year with the release of Blackberry 10, but we guess we will have to wait until then to find out. In the meantime what do you guys make of this? Are you starting to notice more Android devices around you, or do you think that it’s still somewhat balanced between iOS and Android?

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