Just as the sun is sure to rise in the east and set in the west, so too, has Samsung filed a lawsuit against their nemesis from across the pond – Apple, (who is also their business partner by the way when you take into account the components of some Apple devices which bears the Samsung name), citing infringement on Samsung’s patents by the newly released iPhone 5. This new lawsuit was filed against Apple in a US court, where Samsung’s statement said: “…we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

What do you think will be the outcome of this lawsuit? Will it have any legal grounds to stand up in court, or will it be thrown out of the door even after much thought and consideration? Only time will tell, and we sure as heck hope that this will not end up as one of those long drawn courtroom dramas. I am quite sure that many of us do wonder whether Samsung is able to end up with a victory this time around after losing to Apple in their previous “bout”.

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