Sceptre had always had a soft spot for those who are looking for the most bang for their hard earned buck, and so far their collection of HDTVs for the masses have appealed on both the features list as well as price front. This time around, Sceptre looks towards media that is slowly becoming extinct – the DVD, by introducing a 32” LED HDTV that has an integrated DVD player. I guess developing countries as well as those who have yet to make the leap from a fat chunky CRT will be the target market that Sceptre is looking at with this puppy.

Touted to deliver a true 31.5-inch crystal clear viewable area, the E325BD-HD offers the kind of design and convenience required for more cramped spaces without compromising on image quality. It will come with 720P LED, a 1366×768 resolution and a true widescreen 16:9 ratio, while a trio of HDMI ports ensure that you will be able to hook up a karaoke machine, another game console and perhaps even a computer to it. The asking price of $599 for the E325BD-HD will surely sit well with many people.

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