Most, if not all, gaming controllers come with feedback mechanisms that cause it to vibrate during gameplay. This could occur when you are being shot, or when you are firing shots thus simulating the effects of recoil, albeit extremely minor ones. Well it looks like Sony might be interested in taking that to the next level and in a patent filed, it has been suggested that Sony is looking into a feature for the Move controller in which the controller will actually start to warm-up when your weapon in the game overheats, and once the controller cools down, it is basically a signal to the player that the weapon is good for use again.

It has also been suggested that the controller can be used to locate objects within the game, heating up when you get closer, and cooling down when you move further away. The patent also describes that the controller will feature a “biometric sensor” that will cool the controller down when a “decrease in galvanic skin resistance” has been detected – basically when the controller detects that your hands have gotten too sweaty, it will begin to cool down. Sounds quite novel but interesting – what do you guys think?

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