Hey sexy console! Yes, I’m talking about the Psy, wait a minute, what you see above says PS4, Oppa Sony style. Well, we know that Sony did intend to see the PS3 through a 10-year lifecycle, and they do seem pretty committed in making sure that happens. What does that mean for regular gamers? The Sony PS4 as well as Xbox 720 from Microsoft (bear in mind that these are just placeholder names, and not the actual product names themselves) could still be some time away (although years might be stretching it) from a general release, as there is still some firepower left in the current generation Sony PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to 343 Industries who claim that the Xbox 360 is still awesome, “But I would actually strongly contest the fact that the Xbox 360 is at the end of its life cycle, this has already been one of the longest generations and there’s a really good reason for it, which is that current consoles are incredibly flexible and still really powerful. The reason that Halo 4 looks good is that that machine has an awful lot of untapped power still and it’s going to continue to. I think that looking forward into the future I can see years from now, even after next-gen platforms are out, that you’ll have lower priced versions of the existing consoles happily living side by side and serving really valuable functions.”

What do you think? Would you quit the console gaming scene at the end of this lifecycle and stick purely to just PC gaming? Bear in mind “years” here is used loosely, as who knows, either Sony or Microsoft might pull a fast one on us and announce their respective next-gen consoles next year.

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