While we would all like to have the kind of healing factor that Wolverine possesses, we all know that this is but a pipe dream at the moment. What we can rely on, however, would be advances made in the medical field such as this laser-activated plaster that was specially designed to replace stitches for wounds. The “miracle” patch is known as SurgiLux, where it functions as some sort of biological Band-Aid. Using a material derived from chitin, the very same substance required for crab shells and insect exoskeletons to remain stiff and rigid, SurgiLux’s ultimate aim is to far outperform stitches or sutures for wounds and surgeries, considering how it remains atop the skin instead of threading underneath.

John Foster, a biotech researcher at the University of New South Wales who is working on SurgiLux, said, “Though sutures have a superior strength to SurgiLux, sutures are physically invasive. SurgiLux is a thin film, so you do not end up with any physical invasion or further damage to the tissue, thus allowing more complete healing.”‘

Sounds like this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but would come in more handy for delicate operations. Even better is if this does not leave that much of scar tissue compared to regular stitches. Will the phrase “a stitch in time saves nine” be relevant should the SurgiLux surge in popularity?

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