Swimming coach jailed due to oversight in SMS recipients

I am quite sure that some of us have ended up doing some absent minded things in the past, where among them include locking our car keys in the car itself, doing the same for house keys, and perhaps even walking into a room to take something only to forget what we had come in for originally. Well, I am quite sure that the last thing on swimming coach Craig Evans’ mind when he sent out a sultry text message to his girlfriend, was to end up in jail. Unfortunately for the 24-year-old swimming coach from Birmingham, UK, that is exactly what happened to him when he messaged his entire address book in his BlackBerry, asking for “skin on skin” sex.

Since most of his contacts are his students in their early teens, the UK laws concerning the solicitation of sex from minors kicked in, where he was promptly arrested for criminal mass text on charges of inciting a child to engage in sex, been sentenced to 18 months in jail in the process. Good thing the presiding judge over the case had a clearer mind on things, stating, “The facts of this case are rather unusual. Messages…were sent to every single contact in his phone, including members of his own family.” Evans walked out of court a free man, but I am quite sure he sure as heck knows how to use his BlackBerry well from now on.

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