If you live alone then well, it might be safe to assume that your fridge might not be as well-stocked compared to a family of four. Unfortunately our refrigerators can’t detect that which means that the same amount of electricity is consumed whether it is full or not. Well perhaps looking to solve that problem, industrial design student Ben de la Roche has come up with a concept refrigerator dubbed the Impress. His design was submitted to the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab competition and he will be presenting it to a panel of judges in Milan, Italy, come 25th of October.

So what exactly is the Impress refrigerator? Well like we said earlier, fridges don’t discriminate between a full one and an empty one that that’s what the Impress does. Thanks to its honeycomb design, it lets users slot in bottles, food, drinks and etc., with the fridge only cooling the items that have been slot in. This would apparently make it a pretty efficient fridge and apart from using less electricity, it also has the potential to use less harmful gases (CFCs) to keep items cold! We’re not sure if we’ll ever see the Impress be made a reality, but it certainly sounds like a pretty cool idea, right?

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