Our smartphones are like the digital Swiss army knives of today – not only can we make phone calls and send text messages, but we can surf the web, send emails, take photos and videos and edit them directly on the phone, do our shopping online and etc. That being said, this Ready Case is looking to take your iPhone and give it multi-functionality as well, although in an external kind of way. As you can see in the image above, the ReadyCase packs quite a few features that will make your iPhone the go-to device not just for your smartphone needs, but for your computing and everyday needs as well.


Apart from protecting your phone, it comes with a Lens Ring that allows for external camera lenses to be attached to it (via magnets), a USB drive that comes in 8GB or 16GB capacities, which at the same time can be inserted into either kickstand slot that allows the phone to be propped up either vertically or horizontally. It also features a headphone clip so you can clip the cables of your earphones to prevent them from tangling, and it will also pack a multi-tool. The multi-tool can pull double duty as a standard blade or a serrated blade, a flathead screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

As expected getting this one past airport security can be troublesome. Users can choose to either let airport security confiscate the multi-tool, pack it in their luggage separately, or just not bring it with them. However the folks behind ReadyCase have stated that if they manage to raise $120,000, they will replace one confiscated multi-tool per unit. If this sounds like an interesting case for your iPhone, head on over to Indiegogo for the details or to pledge your donation.

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