Among the heroes of 9/11 would be the brave firefighters who did not think much of their own safety, and ultimately, lives, as they worked tirelessly to search for survivors among the carnage. Well, firefighting is definitely far from being the safest job in the world (you might want to remain stuck behind a cubicle for that), but it is also a whole lot more exciting than processing documents and answering phone calls. The thing is, additional help is always more than welcome, which is where the Thermite firefighting robot comes in handy.

The Thermite tank hails from Howe and Howe Technologies of Maine, where it will be attached to a base modular robotic platform in order to get around obstacles, traverse rough terrain and climb stairs. Not only that, the Thermite robot will feature a multidirectional nozzle which is capable of sending up to 600 gallons of firefighting fluid in a single minute, now how about that? Anyone wants to dispute the claim of the Thermite being the “world’s first firefighting robot”? It is not autonomous, and will be controlled by a human within a quarter mile radius. What’s the $96,000 asking price as compared to a precious life?

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