If you’ve ever been burned by a ticket from an automated camera, you know how helpless it makes you feel. You can’t argue, because it’s a robot, and according to Johnny Law, it’s always right. Jonathan Dandrow, a citizen concerned about the constitutionality of automated law enforcement, is giving you a chance to fight back. He’s invented the noPhoto, a license plate holder that (hopefully) will nullify the ability of automated cameras from identifying your car. 

The noPhoto protects your car’s license plate by including a sensor that lets the on-board system know when a camera’s coming up, and when the camera uses a flash to light your car’s license plate, the noPhoto fires a flash of its own. The result? The photo comes out overexposed and useless, and the courts will be unable to make out the license plate number. Dandrow insists that the solution is legal, but there are armies of lawyers and police offers who would disagree.

The noPhoto was raising money through an IndieGoGo, but it looks that page is down. The noPhoto page is still up, and it tips the license plate holder at $350–so after only a few tickets, it will pay for itself. The only problem is that it seems he can’t make them fast enough: they’re listed as sold out.

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