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Throwback first-ever iPod in a browser is too much fun

playlist ipod on iphone 426x640If you’re at work on this Friday afternoon and you want to do anything but, click on over to the Inventika Solutions website. They’ve got a nifty HTML5 site that plays songs with an identical interface to the first-ever iPod. It doesn’t have too many songs, but then again, the first iPod only had 5GB of storage.Playing around with the iPod in a browser reminds you of how wild the gadget world was back in 2001. As a device, many attribute Apple’s rise from 90′s afterthought to aughts giant back to this single gadget. Apple’s button-free mentality hadn’t completely set in yet, and the iPod featured not only a click wheel, but separate buttons for “menu,” back, foward, and play/pause. The simplicity that you see running through the iPhone is still there: the opening screen only features five options! It even mostly works through the iPhone browser.

To see how the design wizards at Inventika Solutions made the CSS/HTML5 iPod, read the post here.

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