Popular blogging platform Tumblr is still not up after suffering from an outage right before half past eight earlier this Friday morning, where initial whispers of Tumblr being down and out were going around the Internet then, followed by official announcements and feeds as you can see above. In fact, Tumblr acknowledged the issues surrounding their website over Twitter, saying, “We’re experiencing slow loading or intermittent errors on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance.” Right before 10 a.m. ET, they did send an update, “Tumblr is experiencing network problems following an issue with one of our uplink providers. We will return to full service shortly.”

Alas, things did not seem to go as planned as approximately 60 plus minutes later, issues plaguing Tumblr seemed to have gotten worse – or at least status quo remained, and Tumblr users were not too pleased with the delay in getting the service back up. I guess if you happen to host around 77 million blogs with a 36th ranking as the most popular website in the world, any problems affecting the uptime of your site definitely needs some looking into to make sure it does not happen again in the future.

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