Usain Bolt autographed Nikon D4 goes up for auction

During the Olympics, athlete Usain Bolt grabbed a photographer’s camera, a Nikon D4 to be specific, and used it to take photos of his surroundings. It was pretty sporting of him and the photographer and it produced some interesting photos that you might not have expected from photographers taking photos during the Olympic games.

That being said, it seems that the Nikon D4 that was used by Bolt is currently up for auction and as you can see in the photo above, the athlete has autographed his name on the camera making this Nikon D4 something of a collector’s edition. It is currently listed on eBay for $6,655 which is not that much more than its retail price of $5,950, but with 6 more days to go before the auction ends, we expect that its price should be going up more. The proceeds of the auction is expected to benefit the Swedish Cancer Society. So, any takers?

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