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V3Solar creates cone-shaped solar cells with 20 times more electric output

Solar cells are commonly used in different parts of the world to generate electric power. However, most of them are the run-of-the-mill solar cells which are flat-panelled. However, such a solar cell which rotates with the sun to gather direct sunlight is sure to give a greater electric output.

Based on this notion, V3solar has created cone-shaped solar cells which are able to gather a great part of sunlight for a longer duration through a day. In contrast to the conventional solar cells, V3solar claims that these cells are able to give out up to 20 times greater electric output.

Called the V3 Spin Cell, this cone-shaped cell comprises of two cones. One of these is made up of triangular PV cells and the other includes a static outer lens concentrator. The unique angle of these  cone-shaped cells is what bolsters their ability to gather a great amount of sunlight.

V3Solar says that these cells are positioned at a 56 percent angle to the sun. This enables these cells to gather the sunlight at more angles as compared to flat PV panels. According to V3Solar, “”Imagine holding your hand steady beneath a magnifying glass.┬áThe heat would build up to a point of discomfort, even pain. Now imagine moving your hand back and forth below the magnifying glass. You still receive the same light, but very little heat.”

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