What you see above can be pure speculation, as the image is provided by @NokiaPureview which claims of it being the Nokia Lumia 9xx (also known as the Lumia 922) for Verizon, sporting its rear camera with a whole lot of blur. Still, despite the lack of clarity, it is not too difficult to make out that what you see above is not the camera bezel belonging to the Nokia Lumia 920, as there is no Carl Zeiss metal plate that most folks are familiar with. Of course, you might argue that this is but a PureView 808, although it most probably isn’t as there seems to be the presence of a bulge that sends the camera raised upwards by a bit. Could this be the long awaited Nokia Lumia 920 variant that will finally be hitting Verizon Wireless?

Needless to say, we are going to treat this just like any other rumor – to take it with a generous helping of salt. After all, it might just be a crazy hoax put together by someone just to see what kind of viral reporting will happen afterwards, or it could be the handiwork of a panicked employee who did not know how to set the macro settings on his or her smartphone’s camera before quickly snapping an image of the purported Verizon Lumia 9xx. What do you think?

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