One of the more irritating things in life to experience would be getting stuck in a traffic jam, and conditions become worse if you’re driving stick as there would be plenty of clutch play to work around with. Not only that, fuel consumption does increase, and the constant stop-start motion does not sit down well with many. Volvo is thinking of changing things, by offering a cruise control option to slow moving traffic. Whenever the driver pushes a button, the car will automatically follow the vehicle ahead, as long as the speeds are no faster than 31mph.

How does the Volvo know just how close to follow the car in front? Well, it will rely on a clever combination of camera and radar sensors, where it will automatically maintain a safe distance between cars. The Adaptive Cruise Control is currently a feature that can be found in the Volvo V40, where its next evolution is expected to enter production by 2014. There is one problem with this though – in countries where other drivers do not really follow traffic laws, there are bound to be some rude and inconsiderate drivers who find a space in front of you, cutting into your lane without second thought.

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