Windows 8 is being released to the masses later this week, and companies are scrambling to get their apps ready for the deluge of users. Skype popped a new version earlier today, and now Hulu has followed suit. Hulu released a Windows 8 app today, so although it would be easy enough to access Hulu through a browser, you can now access Hulu through the Windows 8’s Modern UI. This isn’t simply a case of redudant functionality–the Modern UI app has several features that more than make up for the fact that you’ll have to pay for content that’s available for free through a browser. The Hulu Plus Windows 8 app allows you to use “snap view,” which means you can snap a small video box to the side of your window and work in the other half of your screen. Also, you can pin a favorite show to the Start Menu–so, for instance, you can be reminded that there was a new Daily Show when you boot up your Windows 8 rig.

If you’re already running Windows 8, you early adopter, you can download the Hulu Plus app through the Windows Store now.

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