All the talk about Windows Phone 8 in the past couple of days, and there was not even a single beep coming out concerning Windows Phone 7.8, which is said to be Windows Phone 8 Lite by some quarters. Sure, it will target smartphones which run on the Windows Phone 7 operating system which do not have the processing firepower as well as necessary hardware to make the jump to the latest Windows Phone 8, making Windows Phone 7.8 something that resides somewhere in between. It seems that the Windows Phone Italia Facebook page proved to be more generous with information compared to the rest of the folks at Microsoft, where answering a question from a fan actually revealed additional features which can be found in Windows Phone 7.8. It is rather unfortunate that the response is no longer online, which lends more credence to the things that were shared beforehand.

It seems that the new homescreen has something known as ‘Club’, where in all probability it is Rooms, Xbox Music and SmartGlass thrown into the fray. Sure, what you read on Facebook should never be taken as gospel truth at any point in time, but at least it is a start. For folks who have resisted the upgrade wave and are still rocking to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices, a little bit of patience should see you enjoy the benefits of Windows Phone 7.8 in due time.

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