Citizens of the fair city of San Francisco, you might want to take note of October 29th on your respective calendars. After all, that is when Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 8 event in the City by the Bay, which would be sandwiched in between the Windows 8 and Surface launch on October 25th in New York City and the software giant’s developer-oriented Build conference at Redmond, Washington, that is happening a day after all the action at San Francisco.

From what we know, Microsoft’s announcement notes mention that “[a]s we approach holiday season, we ask you to save October 29th on your calendar for some exciting Windows Phone 8 news. Look out for more details in the coming weeks.” Do you think that this is confirmation of an October 29th Windows Phone 8 launch in San Francisco? That date really isn’t that far off in the future, so there is nothing quite like some patience to find out the whole truth eventually.

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