Motorola shall not have their way, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will live to fight another day – at least this is the result of Microsoft’s defense against a Motorola Mobility lawsuit, where a U.S. court did state that Motorola Mobility cannot enforce an Xbox 360 ban all the way across the pond in Germany. Motorola was granted an injunction against the distribution of a range of Microsoft products, where among them include the console that is still going strong, the Xbox 360. This injunction has everything to do with a German court ruling where Microsoft is said to have infringed upon Motorola’s video coding and playback patents.

Trust a U.S. court to come to the “rescue” where it mentioned that order by the lower German court was “narrowly tailored”, while the current contract between both American companies will be used as an alternative to determine a royalty rate to be paid out. Which do you think is better, a ban or a royalty payout?

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