If you are interested in politics, then surely nothing is going to stop you from watching all three 2012 presidential debates from tomorrow onwards. We are the harbingers of good news this time around with word that you have yet another option to view the presidential debates, and this time it will be live streamed on YouTube. The first of the three presidential debates will happen tomorrow, October 3rd from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET on major networks and news channels, as well as on YouTube – allowing you to view it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

All three presidential debates are not the only items on the menu, as the vice presidential debate will also be made available. There will also be commentary before and after the debate at the University of Denver, where it will be hosted on YouTube election partner channels including ABC, Al JazeeraEnglish, BuzzFeed, Univision and the Wall Street Journal. iOS 6 owners, you might find it a bit of a hassle as Apple has removed the YouTube app, so you might want to make the necessary preparations and download Google’s YouTube iPhone app for free from the App Store beforehand.

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