pooh laptopThe authorities tend not to have a good impression on the masses, case in point, CIAPC, a company that managed to get ISPs in Finland to block The Pirate Bay, is said to have tracked down an alleged file-sharer, asking for a cash settlement. The thing is, the Internet account holder did not want to cough up the amount demanded, and you could say that things got out of hand – literally. It was reported that the police actually busted into the home of the 9-year-old suspect, and confiscated her Winnie the Pooh laptop.

The amount asked by the CIAPC for the settlement was 600 Euros, in addition to signing a non-disclosure document, and one would have gotten away scot-free. The thing is, no compromise was arrived at, and the CIAPC continued with legal and some rather forceful action, hunting down the man’s house at 8 in the morning for evidence associated to illicit file-sharing. It seemed that his 9-year-old daughter turned to The Pirate Bay to download some music, but her attempts failed miserably, so they went to a music store afterwards to purchase legit music. However, the CIAPC does not look like they are having any of it, regardless of how young the targets are.

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