There is nothing quite like showing off to the rest of the world just how much you love your Android device, and this can be done through the kind of case you use, or perhaps if you want to, you can always settle for the Andru Dark Edition. Wait a minute, you ask. The what? Andru creators Gen have come up with a far darker (literally) version of Andru, which is a physical representation of the Android, er, droid, that will definitely go down well with the rest of your raven black desktop and accessories.

The Andru Dark Edition will retail for $25 a pop, inclusive of shipping, where it shares a similar pair of poseable arms and antennae, stand and cable which is found in the original, albeit it will come in a matte black finish. Not only that, another element of “evil” is present in its red lit eyes when charging, where they will turn to amber on standby. What do you think of this accessory – nifty or not?

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