It was just last week when Apple posted an acknowledgement letter on its official page saying that the U.K court did not find Samsung guilty of copying the iPad. The letter sounded disinterested, and it seems as if Apple was apologizing without really meaning it. Somehow the U.K. court felt it and is now reprimanding Apple for the choice of words on its website.

Apple has been ordered to revise its statement within 48 hours after the U.K. court considered its statement last week to be “non-compliant.” The Guardian reports that Judges Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob were not pleased with Apple’s failure to put a simpler statement on the site. Apple reportedly contested that it would take at least 14 days to revise the statement – a claim that one judge cannot believe.

“Apple must now within 48 hours publish a correction on their homepage with a link to the corrected statement in not less than 11-point font,” said Darren Smyth of EIP Partners. A few months ago, at the height of the Apple versus Samsung trial, the U.K. court ordered Apple to issue a notice on its website and in several British newspapers that Samsung didn’t infringe any of the iPad’s patents.

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