Back in September, Apple ran into some legal trouble over the design of the Clock app for the iPad, where the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) claimed that Apple did not have the right to use the design as they did not ask for permission. Apple and the SBB then met up where they reportedly managed to arrive at a settlement for an undisclosed amount of money. Well thanks to leaks, it has been reported that Apple had paid SBB a whopping $21 million, which while might not seem a lot to Apple, could have been money saved if Apple had gone with another design. Both Apple and the SBB have refused to comment on the matter, let alone acknowledge the sum of money agreed upon.

It has also been reported that the actual designer of the clock, watchmaker Mondaine, might not be receiving any of the settlement money. On the flipside it seems that Mondaine is actually pretty happy about the free publicity and exposure they received because of this, but if the rumors are to be believed, they are in talks with SBB to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied.

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