Apple’s supposed “greatness” doesn’t only depend on its products. Of course, creating great products is the cornerstone to every aspiring company. Apple has, so far, proven that part – the “product” part. But as it turns out, the product is just one side of Apple’s story. A new video courtesy of Washington Square Films, an award winning production company, shows how Apple gives importance to its retail stores in order to bring in more customers. The nearly 6-minute video entitled “Retail Significant Stores,” features then Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple, Ron Johnson, and Bob Bridger talking about design and philosophy of the Apple Store.

“If you can tailor a store uniquely to its setting, it can actually improve communities,” Johnson explains in the video. The video also reveals the two key elements to all Apple Stores, which are locations and architecture. “It’s about feeling what the locals feel, and trying to unlock that which they missed themselves. ” said Bridger. Bridger also explains that all Apple Stores are specifically and uniquely created depending on the location, the market, and the particular set of customers. The video might be old, but it sheds some light into the philosophy behind Apple Stores.

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